Maharashtra State Board SSC Textbooks & MSBSHSE 10th New Syllabus


Maharashtra State Board SSC Textbooks PDF – Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) Textbooks & New Syllabus for SSC/10th Board Exam is updated here. Download Maharashtra 10th Textbooks eBooks for all subjects like Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Sindhi, Telugu, Social Science, Science and Mathematics (Maths). Download Maharashtra State Board 10th Textbook at pdf, use the given Maharashtra SSC Books to improve studies for upcoming 2020 – 2021 academic session. Verify Maharashtra State Board SSC New Syllabus to update the latest news.

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Maharashtra State Boad SSC Textbooks

Here students collect the Maharashtra SSC Books for all subjects to start the efficient preparation. Just use the given links to download the Maharashtra 10th Class Books at online mode. Get Maharashtra State Board Books for class 10th SSC board exam at boardexam360. Downloadable files are provided here for easy access preparation. Textbooks produced by Balbharati are published on in pdf format. So, Now Maharashtra state board 10th std books are available for download at online. Maharashtra State Board Books is available in 7 Language like Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Sindhi, Telugu.

Maharashtra State Board SSC Syllabus

The Maharashtra Board SSC students can get here complete syllabus for English subject for Class Class 10th which is based on Hindi and English Medium. Study Maharashtra SSC Board Exam with the help of given Maharashtra Board Class 10th questions papers are available in PDF format. Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus is designed by Maharashtra State Board Of Secondary and Higher Education.  Updated Maharashtra 10th syllabus and weightage of chapters in SSC at PDF syllabus for Maharashtra SSC 2019. Collect the Maharashtra SSC Latest News Syllabus for 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006.

Maharashtra SSC Syllabus List of Subjects:

Subjects Lists of Chapters 
Mathematics  1.Arithmetic Progression 7. Circle
2. Quadratic Equations Geometry
3.Linear Equations in two variables 9.Geometric Constructions
4.Probability 10. Trigonometry
5.Statistics 11. Mensuration
6. Similarity
Science   1.The Electric Spark  

8.An amazing world of Carbon Compounds


2.All about the Electromagnetism 9.Life’s Internal secrets
3.wonders of light 10.The Regulators of life
4.School Of Elements 11.The Life Cycle
5. The Magic Of

the chemicalReactions

12.Mapping Our Genes



13.Striving for a Better Environment



7.Understanding Metals& Non-metals


Social Studies Units 1.



12.The Peninsular Plateau Region – Central Highlands


2.Twentieth Century – Age of Conflict  

13.The Peninsular Plateau Region – Deccan


3.Emancipation of Asia and Africa  

14.The Ghats, Coastal Plains, and Islands


4.World After Second World War 15.Practical Geography

16.The Northern Plain Region – Central, Delta and Eastern


6.Political Parties  

17.The Northern Plain Region – Western (Punjab and Haryana)


7.Democracy and Diversity  

18.The Northern Plain Region – Western (Punjab and Haryana)


8.Challenges before Democracy 19.Basic Problems of an Economy
9.Physical Divisions of India 20.Introduction of an Economy
10.The Northern Mountain Region 21.Inflation
11.The Northern Plain Region – Desert  

22.Public Distribution System and Consumer Protection


9. Natural Resources 19.Sources of Income
10.Occupation 20.Family Budget

Maharastra SSC Syllabus of English 

Topic Detailed Syllabus
  Prose About 64 pages of literary and non-literary (informative) text (excluding notes, illustrations, tasks, etc.)
   Poetry About 250 lines. Non-detailed

study :A selection of literary texts (short stories,

one actplays)

Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus Grammer 2019 :
Revision of grammar Revision of grammatical items studied up to Class 8th
Different kinds of sentences Simple, Compound, Complex
Different kinds of clauses Principal, Co-ordinate, Sub-ordinate
 The Tenses a) Continuous – i) Present Perfect ii) Present Perfect iii) Past Perfect iv) Future with will/shall and ‘going to’

b) Continuous Sequence of Tenses

Articles a, an. the(advanced level)
Prepositions Different Uses
 Word Formation Nouns/Adjectives/Verbs/Adverbs
  Voice transformation Statements, questions, negatives, indirect object
Question formation Tag questions
Reported Speech questions Statements, questions, commands, requests, exclamation
  Punctuation Usage
Non-finite their questions Infinitives, Gerunds, Participles
Modal Auxiliaries Uses of ‘can’, ‘may’, ‘might’, etc
Collocation Unreal conditions in the present/past Possible conditions in the

Maharashtra SSC Hindi Syllabus 

Maharashtra State Board SSC Textbooks PDF
Maharashtra State Board SSC Textbooks PDF


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